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Woonhave was founded in 2014 for the purpose of long term investment in the Dutch residential market. The Woonhave team has a long and deep experience in the Dutch real estate market.


Woonhave is organized to make a solid and predictable long term return on investment, by acquiring, managing and growing a portfolio of Dutch residential real estate.
The strategy for Woonhave is focused around themes of growing GDP, population and household formations. With a special attention for mid-market residential units and operating efficiency in property management.


Woonhave is focused on the Randstad area in the Netherlands and invests in apartments and single family homes which meet a clear tenant demand, combining the right product with the right locations.


The Dutch residential market has been turbulent in the recent decade, with sharp impact of the 2007 financial crisis, resulting in significantly lower supply. In this period, many home owners were inflexible due to negative equity. The market has a long history of government regulation and recent years have marked the start of convergence to a new order, this will take time. Government regulation in the last 30 years has played a significant role in the residential market, by means income policies, rent control regulations and home ownership stimulus. The coming years will shape a new sustainable market equilibrium, suitable for the social context, budget reality, changing demand and life styles. Change, in the rental market and in the home owners market, provides an interesting perspective for long term quality investment, catered to the market and the demand of tenants.

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