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PRODEMA is an Istanbul-based company founded in 2015 by a professional team with extensive experience in the real estate and construction industry. PRODEMA provides integrated real estate development and construction services for the residential market in Istanbul.


PRODEMA is focused on the residential re-generation market in İstanbul. Due to the proximity of a fault line, Istanbul, with over 14 million inhabitants, is potentially exposed to earthquakes. Therefore, the regeneration of residential complexes is supported by the government in order to increase its inhabitants’ safety. PRODEMA acts as a contractor, developer and investor, enabling it to address various types of re-generation projects in the market.


PRODEMA predominantly operates in the western-coastal districts of İstanbul which offer attractive residential characteristics and where a large part of the buildings is very suitable for re-generation.


Residential re-generation in Istanbul is a large market covering hundreds of thousands of potential buildings. Additionally, there is a high demand for a reputable contractor with a best-in-class organization, technical know-how and investment capacity.

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